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Muay Thai: Introduction to Competition


  • Duration Varies
  • 64 Prince Andrew Place, Unit#2, Toronto ON M3C2H4

Service Description

Our Introduction to Competition classes for boxing and Muay Thai will fully immerse you into the art of sparring and its techniques. The program is designed for individuals seeking to enhance their Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai abilities for competitive sporting events or advanced training. Students progress from structured drills to free-flow sparring. Students will learn to apply the key techniques such as footwork, angling, distance management, defensive maneuvers, striking and countering, and transitioning effectively between long and short-range combat scenarios in preparation for bouts and competition. Sessions are coach supervised, with real-time feedback provided to enhance combat skills and defensive strategies. Training Partners will rotate across different weight classes, heights, and physical attributes to offer a comprehensive understanding of distance control and diverse combat techniques. Our competitive level classes prioritize light sparring to promote a safe learning space that encourages self-reflection and learning, enabling students to refine techniques into muscle memory. Equipment Requirements: BOXING INTRODUCTION TO COMPETITION Boxing Gloves 16oz, Hand-Wraps, Mouth Guard, Groin Guard, and Head Gear. MUAY THAI INTRODUCTION TO COMPETITION Boxing Gloves 16oz, Hand-Wraps, Mouth Guard, Groin Guard, Shin Guard, Elbow Guards, and Head Gear. SUBJECTED TO ASSESSMENT AND APPROVAL PRIOR TO PARTICIPATION NOTE: All Students under the Age of Majority must obtain prior written approval from Coaches and Parent/Guardian to participate.

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  • Striking Tactics MMA & Fitness, Prince Andrew Place, Toronto, ON, Canada


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