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Muay Thai: Contact Drills


  • 1 h
  • 64 Prince Andrew Place, Unit#2, Toronto ON M3C2H4

Service Description

Take your skills to the next level with our intermediate level Boxing and Muay Thai program. The program is designed to serve as a transition between pad-work and sparring. Our intermediate classes focus on applying the combination and drills learned from partner pad-work into Contact Drills. Students who progress into our intermediate level will learn to apply their achieved techniques in Boxing and Muay Thai to a live partner honing the ability to read and react in real-time offense and defense scenarios. The program design is for students to learn the importance of maintaining strong defenses, overcoming involuntary body responses while under pressure, providing a deeper understanding of distance management, and learning the skills to create openings in your opponent’s defense in preparation for competitive level training. For individuals who are interested in learning combat sports for practical application, including self-defense scenarios, the exercises in Contact Drills are aimed at conditioning both their physical and mental faculties for combat, acquiring essential footwork techniques to master effective distance control. Equipment Requirements: BOXING CONTACT DRILLS Boxing Gloves 16oz, Hand-Wraps, Mouth Guard, Groin Guard. MUAY THAI & KICKBOXING CONTACT DRILLS Boxing Gloves 16oz, Hand-Wraps, Mouth Guard, Groin Guard, and Shin Guard. Instruction Level: Ages 12+, Intermediate SUBJECTED TO ASSESSMENT AND APPROVAL PRIOR TO PARTICIPATION NOTE: All Students under the Age of Majority must obtain prior written approval from Coaches and Parent/Guardian to participate.

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  • Striking Tactics MMA & Fitness, Prince Andrew Place, Toronto, ON, Canada

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