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Boxing is a combat sport and an incredible workout that will improve your every physical capacity for strength, power, coordination, aerobic fitness, anaerobic fitness and endurance. If you are looking for a challenge both your cardiovascular and muscular system from head-to-toe, Boxing is the sport for you.

Our Boxing Program is offered in various skill levels and techniques. Our classes offer instruction from the basic fundamental movements and understanding the body mechanics to boxing drills at an intermediate/advanced levels with emphasis on physical and mental fitness and conditioning.


Our classes are 60 minutes in duration structured with stretching, general and sport specific warm-up of group exercises, technical instruction of boxing combinations on pad-work, heavy-bags, and partner drills incorporating calisthenics to build strength and lean muscle mass.

Contrary to popular belief, boxing as a discipline and a method of exercise is not dangerous. Competitive boxing, however does have its inherit risks. Our Boxing Program is designed for students to learn the boxing stance, footwork, and striking (the jab, the cross, the hook, and the uppercut) and employ a combination of the strikes synchronized with footwork through a series high energy workouts to build endurance and cardiovascular strength. ​

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